5 Fitness Mistakes

Here are 5 fitness mistakes that can hinder your progress and keep you from achieving your goals. These mistakes are often made by beginners starting a fitness program, but some of them (especially 2, 3 and 4) also apply to experienced fitness enthusiasts who have been working out for a while and can’t understand why their progress has stagnated.

Mistake no. 1: not warming up

not warming up is a fitness mistake

Due to time constraints, or sometimes sheer laziness, many of us tend to skip warm-up exercises before working out.  However, forgoing the warm-up can put us at a higher risk for injury.

Why is it important to warm up?

Warm-ups slowly raise your heart rate and prepare your muscles for physical activity by increasing blood flow.

This allows a smooth transition from the resting state, before your session, to a state of athletic readiness for the higher demands of the workout phase.

I recommend prepping your body with a mini session that includes mobility exercises and light cardio.  If you’re not sure which mobility exercises to perform, check out our suggestions in the Fitness Coach app.

Mistake no. 2: working out twice a day

While exercise is good for overall health, be careful not to overdo it!

After an exercise class, fitness workout, or other physical activity, the body is tired and needs time to recover.

Overtraining with two sessions too close together significantly increases the risk of muscle fatigue and tendinitis.

working out twice a day can be a mistake

Also, you may think this will help you burn more calories but, in reality, you are forcing your body to draw on its reserve sugar. This will exhaust you and deplete your energy, but will not necessarily help you to lose weight.

It’s better to dedicate yourself to regular, quality training, rather than focusing on quantity.

For tips on how to burn calories, read this article, or better yet, download the Fitness coach app for personalized workouts!

Mistake no. 3: training every day

training every day is a fitness mistake

This is a common training mistake that beginners often make.

High-level athletes follow regimented programs, sometimes with very few days off. This is because they are, in fact, elite athletes training for a very specific goal (competition, for example).

However, when you’re working out to improve your physical fitness, rest and recovery are essential.

Muscles need a certain amount of rest to build and grow! By taking a break from exercise and not training every day, you’ll set yourself on a path to progress and take your fitness to the next level.

Mistake no. 4: reducing the amount of food on your plate

don't eat less ! you ness energy for your training
Don’t eat less

Reducing your nutritional intake may result in an initial weight loss, but this will not last. It will undoubtedly lead to nutrient deficiencies and adversely impact your metabolism. In fact, it is your metabolism that allows your body to burn calories. A poor diet can also result in a loss of muscle mass. As we all know, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn naturally.

The bottom line: don’t diet (Dieting is a bad idea), eat everything, in sufficient amounts to support your nutritional needs. If you’re not sure how much is best for you, use the Nutri Coach app. It will calculate the ideal number of calories your body needs, based on your fitness goals.

To learn more, read this article: Calorie deficit and weight loss

Mistake no. 5: thinking that pain is normal

thinking that pain is normal is a fitness mistake

Although it’s normal to experience some burning or fatigue with physical exertion, you should never feel pain during a workout session.

If you do, ask your coach to check your form. This will help to prevent injury and ensure that you progress more effectively.

Above all, listen to your body.

Forcing yourself to exercise when you’re tired or feeling pain will undoubtedly lead to undesirable or serious consequences.

This can cause injuries and derail your progress. Remember: rest = regeneration = muscle growth = weight loss.

And you, what mistakes did you make ? Share with us your stories!

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    Really sensible advice,especially rest to rejuvenate, warming up,and concentrating on a mixture of cardio and time under tension(not necessarily lifting heavy or maxing out often.leave the gym feeling better than when you came in.

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