Best home exercices for glutes

Here are four exercises to burn your butt! Performed and integrated into a well-crafted workout routine, you can say goodbye to sagging buttocks and hello to a high, firm butt!

The “bridge” is one of the most formidable exercises, to recruit as much muscle fibers as possible!

His friend the “Single leg bridge” is a more difficult variant, but very effective! This exercise also recruits the hamstrings; excellent for combating saddlebags!

“Peeing dog” or “Fire Hydrant” is a must. On this one you might bite your teeth, but you will like the results!

And since a lower body session without lunges is not one, we should not forget the fierce “Cross over lunge”. Polyarticular movements allow you to build muscle and burn fat!

Are you tired of having a flat butt? Do you want a more rounded buttocks? Do you want to eradicate your cellulite and make your skin more toned? It’s possible ! Increase and sculpt the volume of your buttocks in a few weeks, thanks to the workouts of our expert coaches!

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