How Do You Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau?

During the weight loss process, it’s common to hit a plateau. It can be so frustrating when the pounds stop melting away, despite all your effort!

When it happens, the question you ask yourself is: How can I start losing weight again?

There are actually many factors that can help you understand your weight loss plateau and why you’re not getting to the next level.

Weight loss stalled by bad habits

Weight loss stalled by bad habits

Some of our habits may seem harmless, but they can literally sabotage our hard work.

It’s amazing just how much sugar and bad fats are hidden in industrial products, which are often processed or ultra-processed.

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For example, think about all the desserts and snacks that are labeled “fitness,” or those two little cookies you eat every day.

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When in doubt, always read the nutrition labels on the products you eat. Don’t look at the calorie count. Instead, check out the list of ingredients and the quantity of fat and sugar.

To restart weight loss, limit your processed food intake as much as possible, and learn to cook healthy, homemade meals again.

If you don’t know how to get started, or are looking for easy, healthy recipes that taste good too, download the Nutri Coach app. You’ll see that it’s much easier to eat healthy when you have a little help!

Restart weight loss by modifying your exercise routine

Restart weight loss by modifying your exercise routine
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Most people who want to lose weight start exercising, which is great.

But often, once they’ve gotten into an exercise routine, they get used to doing the same workout and seldom leave their comfort zone.

Thirty minutes of swimming, jogging or Zumba every Saturday is cool. It’s great for your body, your heart, and your arteries and lungs, but it’s not enough to trigger weight loss. You have to continually push your limits and vary your physical activities. In fitness, adaptation is key.

If you need help expanding your physical training program, I recommend downloading the Fitness Coach app. Use it to follow a customized fitness program based on your goals. The sessions are varied, and will help you make progress quickly.

Do you need a new fitness routine?

Available since May 2023, the Summer Shape Up program takes you 12 weeks to achieve a real body makeover.

The program contains 12 weeks of sessions (3 sessions/week) or 36 unique sessions to guarantee you a crazy evolution!
With this program, you can’t get bored, each session is new and will make you want to surpass yourself. This program can be done at home with a few dumbbells (or water bottles if you are just starting out).

Why we love it? The Summer Shape Up is a real guide, both athletic AND nutritional!

This guide helps you understand why you should choose certain types of food and not others. You will find concrete examples to help you create endless menus, always balanced and good for your figure.

Stress is a barrier to the weight loss process.

Stress forces the body to produce cortisol, a hormone that turns stored fat into usable energy to support quick physical reactions.

Basically, if you have to escape, stress will help you run faster.

When you experience a stressful situation, your body can’t tell the difference between life-threatening and non-life-threatening. It always releases the same hormone under stress, even when you don’t need to sprint away!

The problem is that the post-stress effects are also identical, particularly the hunger!

That’s why people who are stressed snack more, which leads to weight gain.

If this sounds familiar, take a look at my article, 9 Effective Solutions to Relieve Stress, for some helpful tips. There is also this app : Mental Coach.

Sleep affects your weight

Sleep affects your weight

A lack of sleep makes you hungry.

Our bodies secrete Leptin, the satiety hormone, overnight. If you don’t sleep enough, your system probably won’t have time to produce very much of it.

When that happens, no meal will seem like enough, and you’ll feel hungry all day long.

Now you know why getting enough sleep is so important. To support healthy sleep patterns, try setting up an evening routine. 

A weight loss plateau can also be good news

A weight loss plateau

If you hit a plateau after losing 30, 60 or even 90 pounds, that’s good news!

It means that your body has recognized your new weight as the reference weight, and is stabilizing itself. That’s great. Congratulations!

This stabilization period will give the body time to adapt. Significant weight loss is a stress factor for your body and mind (adjusting to the new reflection in the mirror).

So maintaining the same weight for 6 to 12 months, or more if you like, is a good thing.

Keep up your new lifestyle, and in a year or so, if you still want to continue losing weight, you may be able to take things further with your exercise routine or diet. 

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  1. Pestilence HOTA

    This is actually very helpful. I’m 33, and all my life I have been overweight. This year, May 2022, and after many, MANY tests later. We finally found several reasons why I couldn’t lose weight. Number one on that list is Hypogonadism. Basically my body couldn’t produce enough testosterone for me to be a full male. After using these methods, supplements, hormone therapy, and diet, I have lost almost 100lbs. I used to weigh 350+lbs, now I weigh 284. I have never felt as good as I do now. I feel like I’m 20 hrs again.Then I hit the plateau stage, even though I am building muscle and stayed on this diet. Thank fully this article had the answer. My body is just getting used to the weight I have lost.

    1. Emily

      wow, I’m so happy for you. thanks to have share your experience in this comment. I hope that people like you read this and keep hoping. Disease are very complicated to fight when we don’t know what we have. Take care, and give us some news !

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