Can you lose fat by exercising at home?

Training at home is often considered to be less effective for fat loss. Is this really true? No! I can guarantee that with very little or even with no equipment, you can get great results.

Exercising at home: where should you start?

Space in your home dedicate to exercising

To get started, I invite you to designate a space in your home that you can dedicate to exercising.

The lucky ones can choose their back yard, patio or balcony.

home training on balcony

If you don’t have an outdoor space, move the furniture to clear a space in your living room, use your hallway, or find an unused corner. Try to clear a space that is the equivalent of two sports mats laying side by side. If you can clear out a larger space, that’s even better!

Using your furniture to lose fat at home

Your living space definitely has some things in it that you can make the most of.

·       The coffee table, the sofa, a chair or the bed

use your furniture for exercises that require some support for lifting

They can be useful for any exercises that require some support for lifting.

For example, you can use this furniture for dips (triceps), push-ups (incline or decline), Bulgarian split squats and many types of bridge or hip-thrusts, to work on your hamstrings.

·       Doors

Wedge resistance bands in doors to perform vertical and horizontal pulls

You can wedge resistance bands in doors to perform vertical and horizontal pulls. Important: make sure to close the door tightly so you don’t get injured by a boomerang effect!

·       Stairs

If you have stairs, you can climb them, or use them to enhance certain movements. 

Do I need to invest in equipment?

That’s optional! Let’s just say that it depends on your budget and what your fitness goals are. It’s not only just about your goals, because you can lose weight without using any exercise equipment

However, if you want to have a little fun and vary your routine, here’s a small list of exercise equipment you can use at home.

·       Elastic bands

Resistance bands don’t take up much space and allow you to work on building muscle tone. Resistance bands can be attached to furniture, doors, or used directly on yourself! There are several types of elastic bands and several levels of resistance, which you can select according to what you want to do and your fitness level.

·       A jump rope

jumping rope for your cardio workout at home

A jump rope is a great tool for cardio workouts at home. The good thing about jumping rope is that it’s very effective for burning fat; five minutes a day is more than enough! (See the article: Five minutes a day to burn off fat)

·       Accessories

Other accessories can help make your home workouts more varied. It’s up to you to decide what you want and what you need.

A ball or a balance platform for working on your stability, a mat for more comfort, handles to vary your push-ups, and more.

These investments will make your workouts more fun, which will help you stay motivated.  

What exercises should I do at home to lose weight?

Honestly, the easiest way to aim for weight loss is to follow a well-designed workout program, or to find a coach.

Even the best follow workout programs, simply because that’s what really works.

If you’re looking for an effective home workout program, with or without equipment, I invite you to download the Fitness Coach app. The Fitness Coach app lets you select the sports equipment you have, and according to your responses, it offers you programs adapted to your exercise equipment and your needs!

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