Christmas and the fear of getting fat

SOS, I’m afraid Christmas dinner will make me fat!

The holiday season brings us together around the table: It is an opportunity to share a good moment with family or friends, as well as have a good dinner. For some, these holiday meals are a source of anxiety about eating too much and getting fat.

Why are we afraid of getting bigger during the Christmas season?

Christmas and the fear of getting fat

Every year, holiday meals are difficult times for those who want to maintain their weight or go on a diet. Between hearty meals, petit fours, sweet snacks and alcoholic beverages, there is a case for fearing weight gain during Christmas.

Not to mention the print media, online articles or influencers who take advantage of the time to present their best (or rather “worst”) advice to limit weight gain or enumerate their lists of mistakes to avoid to stay “fit.”

In order to discredit these Christmas prejudices, I have for you some compromising information based on science. Keep reading this article so that you can heave a sigh of relief during the holidays!

Excess calories for Christmas?

afraid of getting bigger during the Christmas season

Yes, we eat more at Christmas. We may want to limit the quantity, but the meal is spread out in several dishes, and above all, it is much more gourmet for Christmas. It is therefore difficult not to exceed one’s daily calorie limit. According to statistics, the weight gain from Christmas Even and New Year’s Eve dinners ranges from 370 to 780 grams on average. But is that really an issue?

In reality, no. At the risk of surprising you. An unbalanced meal richer than usual does not make you fat. I did talk about gaining weight, but NOT gaining fat. That’s the difference. If you have a round belly at the end of the meal and the succeeding days, it is simply due to water retention and the resulting bloating.

You’re going to get your figure back very fast. As long as you go back to your old habits. Don’t deprive yourself drastically to try to compensate. It’s useless, there’s nothing to compensate for: The body knows how to handle itself.

Weight gain during the holiday season is not definitive!

Weight gain during the holiday season is not definitive. Fear of getting fat

Remember, these are occasional excesses. These changes are not permanent, unless you celebrate Christmas all year round!

If you are overeating for such a short period of time as the holiday season, don’t panic. It will take much more for your body to cancel out all the benefits of good habits practiced over the rest of the year. 

In fact, if you already have healthy eating habits, and carry out regular physical activities, you will probably regain your pre-Christmas weight in a few days or weeks at most.  Besides, we shouldn’t even take the scales out during the holidays!

What you need to remember is that excess does not make you fat. It is the repeated actions that will have an impact.

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Forget about the January 1 diet

Christmas and the fear of getting fat

Diet is not really a good idea. In the short term, you may get results, but in the longer term, you will generate mechanisms harmful to your metabolism.

The best thing to do is to get back to your good lifestyle as soon as possible. Nothing else.

You don’t have to drink detox juices as a meal, go on whatever diet, or do a lot of workout to get rid of excess fat.

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If you feel the need to lose weight, don’t make it a resolution. Split this need into goals. Make a list and take it EASY, one small step at a time.

You must create healthy, positive and achievable habits forever. And not restrictions!

The Nutricoach app can help you feed yourself better on a daily basis, and you can also surround yourself with knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

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PS: If you are rather comfortable with holiday meals, don’t judge the one who doesn’t clean their plate. Diet is a very private matter that is not lived in the same way by everyone. Some people suffer from eating disorders. Don’t forget that it is an illness, so please be kind.

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