Why you should combine running and strength training

Although these two activities may seem contradictory, they are not incompatible. Combining running and strength training might well be the key to incredible gains!

Build muscle to run better and vice versa…

Muscle strengthening can have positive effects on the way you run.

The goal is to strengthen the entire body and, as you probably know, running does not just involve relying on two legs to propel you forward.

Sure, strong muscular legs are crucial to help you to run longer, on a variety of different terrains, and  to reduce the risk of injury.

But, it is important not to neglect the rest of your body.

Your upper body must be strong and stable during running. To achieve this, you need to train the muscles of your torso, arms, and shoulders. This will improve your posture and decrease the risk of neck and back pain.

Building strength in the deep abdominal muscles is essential to lessen the impact when your feet hit the ground. Therefore, it is important to perform core-training exercises and all the variations.

combining running and strength training offers many benefits

And the reverse is true. Good cardio training enhances muscle performance. In fact, regular cardiovascular training improves blood flow, promotes the transport of nutrients, and helps eliminate metabolic wastes (which maximizes muscle recovery).

As you can see, combining running and strength training offers many benefits. Therefore, I would recommend incorporating them both into your exercise routine. 

How do I combine running and strength training?

If it is difficult to find time for both activities, try to combine them in the best way possible for you, and based on your personal preferences.

For example, you can adopt the 70%-30% ratio of your choice. Let me explain. If you prefer running, opt for training that includes 70% running training and 30% muscle building, and vice versa if you are a strength training enthusiast.

Download  the Running Coach app to create a running and muscle-strengthening program suited to your level, needs, and time constraints.

Other options for combining running and strength training:

High-intensity interval training offers a perfect combination of strength training and cardio (2 in 1 variation).

– You can shorten your run and end with a strength-training session. Core exercises, push-ups, lunges… Make sure to browse through the Fitness Coach app, where you’ll find short, medium, and long workouts, with or without equipment, to complement your running sessions!

–  Try HIIT: this type of high-intensity interval training offers a perfect combination of strength training and cardio (2 in 1 variation). There are many options featured in the Fitness Coach app, with 3 different levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced).

The bottom line:

Running is an excellent exercise for cardiovascular health, blood circulation, and physical well-being. As for strength training, it is important because it helps to increase muscle mass to protect your body from injury and maximize your running performance.

Combining the right balance of strength training and running, based on what is right for you, is the ideal way to boost your performance, your muscular physique, and your health.

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