How to firm up the skin on stomach?

At some point in our lives, we have all wanted to firm up the skin on our stomach. It’s normal to have sagging skin. Whether or not it’s after a major weight loss. What exercises can you do to firm up your stomach without the need for surgery?

Note: when attempting to lose weight, it is best to go slowly, in order to avoid sagging skin. The skin is elastic, but the faster the change, the more the skin has to adapt, and it is not always possible to do this while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

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Strengthen your muscles to tighten the skin of your stomach

Strengthen your muscles to tighten the skin of your stomach
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To tighten the skin of the stomach naturally, the best solution is to build muscle, especially by mixing cardio and muscle strengthening exercises.

Of course, all exercise has a positive impact on the appearance of the stomach (if the exercise is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and is performed regularly), but muscle strengthening also provides more important benefits, because it targets the abdominal area.

Remember: you can’t target fat loss, but you can improve the appearance of an area of the body or of the body as a whole.

Do plank to firm up the skin on your stomach
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And now, here are three types of exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine to firm up the skin on your stomach:

If you don’t know how long you should exercise, or how many repetitions to perform, I invite you to download the Fitness Coach app, then do a workout program twice a week, targeting “stomach.”

These workouts particularly target the deep abdominal muscles, and in three to four weeks, you will notice that your skin is firmer. This is called toning. 

But remember, you absolutely must do this regularly to create an effective abdominal workout in order to flatten the excess skin on your stomach.

Massages to restore the elasticity of your skin

massage to firm up the skin on your stomach

In addition to physical exercises, massaging the stomach promotes cellular exchange. This can reduce the orange peel effect, for example. The palpate roll massage technique is the best way to reduce orange peel skin.

If you perform a self-massage, always use a moisturizing cream or massage oil. Your massage will be much more pleasant and the palpating and rolling motions will be easier.

Grasp your skin between your thumbs and fingers and roll it between your fingers, working from the bottom to the top of your stomach.

Don’t pinch too hard. As a rule, you should stop just short of the threshold of pain. These exercises are not meant to be painful!

Do these movements as long as possible and as often as possible to start seeing your first results.

Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated in order to moisturize your skin naturally, by drinking enough water every day.

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