Free Summer Workout

Summer vacation is finally here, and we have a gift for you! What would you say to a free summer workout?

If you’ve read the latest articles on our blog, you know our views on the Beach Body: above all, exercise is a source of well-being. That’s why we’ve created a special summer workout program, and we want to make it available to everyone.

What is Summer Program?

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Summer Program was created for Summer 2022 by Fitness Coach app. It encompasses 3 athletic activities: Pilates, Fitness and Cardio Boxing. 

It’s a training program that provides full-body workouts combining strength-building, cardio, flexibility and agility.

Each activity is led by a specialized coach, and offers high-quality training.

  • HIIT Pilates with Coach Sina

The goal? To strengthen your deep muscles and improve your posture.

  • Positive Fitness with Coach Kelsey 

The goal? To share a sports-positive attitude that will make you love fitness.

  • Cardio Boxing with Coach Jason

The goal? To boost your cardio and improve your technique.

What does Summer Program include?

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Summer Program gives you:

  • 54 sessions that are 20 minutes long and target the upper, lower or full body. That’s 16 sessions of HIIT Pilates, 18 sessions of Positive Fitness and 18 sessions of Cardio Boxing.
  • 6 LIVE trainings with your favorite coaches to make you sweat (20 min/LIVE training)
  • 6 Mini challenges for maxi results. That’s 2 HIIT Pilates challenges, 2 Positive fitness challenges and 2 Cardio Boxing challenges, at a rate of 5 min. per day, for 15 days. It’s the equivalent of 3 months of free challenges in three separate specialties!

The program that makes all the difference

the free summer program that makes all the difference
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Summer Program offers a healthy, complementary approach to fitness thanks to our three coaches: Sina, Kelsey and Jason. Each of them has something to offer you that will really make a difference. 

The trainings are fun and can be adapted to your level, but most of all, our coaches’ presence and professionalism make them truly enjoyable.

You can take part in Summer Program from anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to use any special equipment. All you need is a burst of motivation. After that, it’s easy. Once you get started, no one will be able to stop you!

Plus, it’s free!

I want free access to Summer Program by Fitness Coach

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