How to run to lose weight ?

Running is one of the most popular sports for losing weight. However, when it comes to running, why do some people lose weight while others lose none at all? If you want to learn how to run to lose weight, then you’ve come to the right place!  

Run on a regular basis

running occasionnaly to lose weight

Don’t expect to burn fat by only running occasionally. “Once in a while” isn’t enough to lose weight!

You have to run regularly to avoid injuries (which can result when your body is not used to an exercise) and make the progress that is necessary to keep losing weight or stabilize your weight.

Start running

So, how many times per week or month should you run?

To lose weight you should run 2-3 times per week

In order for your body to burn fat, you’ll need to run around 2-3 times per week.

The important thing (especially if you’re just getting started) is to spread out your runs to give your body time to recover. If you overdo it, you’re likely to hurt yourself and quickly become discouraged! It’s best to start with one short run per week.

You run 3 times per week, but you’re not losing weight?

Change your running method to lose weight

It’s possible that you won’t lose any weight, even if you run several times per week. There’s a reason for this!

If you always go for the same run, then your body no longer needs to adapt. And it’s precisely when your body tries to adapt that you stand the best chance of losing weight.

If you always run the same distance on the same path at the same pace and for the same amount of time, then your body goes into “autopilot” mode and does everything it can to expend as few calories as possible. Seen in this light, it makes sense that despite your effort, you won’t lose any more weight.

On the other hand, even if you stop losing weight, your runs will continue to be good for your heart and your overall fitness.

In short, to lose weight by running, you need to surprise your body: mix up your routes, run in intervals, alternate between short and long distances. You have to make your body leave its comfort zone. If you need help with this, download the Running Coach app for some personalized running workouts.

The more you sweat, the more weight you lose?

sweating to losing weight ?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! Sweat is 99% water. When you sweat, you don’t lose fat…you lose water!

What’s more, the water you drink after your run compensates for all the water that you sweat out. In other words, you regain any “weight” that you lost. You therefore won’t need body wraps or sweat belts!

The only way to gradually reduce body fat is to run regularly and follow a personalized and progressive training program.

Note: always drink water before, during (in case of long runs), and after your runs. Trust me, this water won’t make you gain weight! A lack of water due to dehydration can seriously impact the proper functioning of your body.

Final tips for using running to lose weight

running to lose weight but you need to eat well too !

Running is a great way to lose weight, but it isn’t always enough! You may also need to change the way you eat. Your diet should be healthy and balanced. Don’t starve yourself as this will only make you too tired to run and therefore prevent you from losing weight.

Your body needs a variety of different foods – it’s all about balance! Feel free to also read « What should you eat to lose weight? »

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