Morning routine in 5 steps

If you’re looking for a morning routine to get in top shape and optimize your physical results, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s not dwell on the introduction and get right to the heart of the matter!

Morning routine: first step

Your alarm clock goes off, or like most people, your phone alarm wakes you up. You should place your alarm several feet away from your bed and not on your bedside table, which will force you to get up instead of reaching for the “repeat” button. As you can see, the first step is to get up right away. This will help you avoid two things:

  • Breaking the rhythm of your waking up by going back to sleep as many as 10 times, every five minutes!
  • Scrolling through social media, while you’re still in bed, with your eyes barely open.

Morning routine: second step

Now that you’re up and about, we invite you to drink a large glass of water and urinate (and more, if your transit is in good shape).

Drinking a large glass of water will rehydrate your vital organs. You’ve been sleeping all night, so your organs are dehydrated and their functioning is reduced. It is therefore essential to restore your water balance! Moreover, lying down for several hours at a time encourages the accumulation of toxins in the body (especially in the digestive system).

The little extra: drinking a glass of warm water helps to eliminate acids and toxins accumulated in the stomach. This will make it easier to eliminate your stool.

Did you know that? Drinking water helps fight fatigue.

Morning routine: third step

Listen to a playlist that gives you a boost and gets your body moving! You can walk, run or do a mini-session on the FITNESS COACH app, there are plenty them, for as little as 10 minutes! It’s just what you need to get going in the morning, without tiring you out.

Morning routine: fourth step

There’s no need to recommend a shower… is there?

Now it’s time for breakfast. If it’s difficult for you to eat, opt for a complete breakfast smoothie made with yogurt, fruit and oilseeds. Otherwise, treat yourself to a healthy and balanced breakfast recipe. You can opt for homemade pancakes with chopped fruit, for example, or overnight oats (prepared the night before) if you’re in a hurry. 5 healthy breakfast ideas.

Morning routine: fifth step

Make your list of things to do today. This is a key step in moving forward with your professional and personal projects! Start with the tasks that are the most urgent and important to you. 

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