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Nutrition Coach is the result of 3 years of work by a team of passionate nutritionists. Our programs and calorie counter have been tested for months and approved with visible and sustainable results.


Have you ever experienced a very restrictive diet almost impossible to sustain for more than a couple of days?


If you answered yes to those questions read what follows. Our approach is different from other nutrition apps: Nutrition Coach focuses on long-term results that will last forever

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Nutrition Coach is based on achieving a daily and weekly calorie objective while eating what you like and even allows cheat meals.
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I had been a My Fitness Pal user for probably 4-5 years and it went through a period where it wasn’t working a couple years back so I downloaded like 6 different apps to replace it and this was among them. I haven’t looked back ever since! MFP charges for every single little thing and it’s only gotten worse. This app is so much better.

— Mary H.

like this app because it’s very simple but very helping and i’m confident if i’m motivated i could lose weight using this app!!!

— Oliver P.

I’ve used the app for years, and find it a great way to motivate a rigorous and all round fitness regime. There are a wide range of workouts/challenges/tracking options. For someone keen to keep a routine up between a busy work and family life, it really is a great option. The integration with the yoga, running and other apps is great, and I was recommending the app to friends and family.

— Joey B.