Fitness and Nutrition Program for a toned body


The Summer Shape Up goes further and offers you a 12 weeks program to permanently adopt a beneficial lifestyle.


12 weeks to transform yourself physically

12 weeks to feel good in your swimsuit this summer and for the rest of your life!

12 weeks for a toned and sculpted body


Fat loss, improved cardio, muscle gain, and a stronger mindset: that’s the promise of the Summer Shape Up!

Are you ready to become the person you dream to be?

Are you ready to transform your body?

Sports and nutritional program for a body recomposition in 12 weeks!

The Summer Shape Up is an ultra-complete guide, however, your involvement is crucial…

Your body, your results, your mindset, and your motivation.

Have you ever thought that the lack of physical results was a question of genetics or bad luck? If so, I have good news for you, it’s not true! Actually, you were not in the right conditions to get the results you desire.

You don’t understand? Read the following statements, do you recognize yourself?

🤔When you start a workout, you don’t have a specific plan, you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, you improvise.

🤔You choose exercises based on feelings, based on what you see on social media or on the web, without knowing if they are really effective to get results.

🤔You don’t always feel your muscles when performing certain exercises, you are not sure about your positioning.

🤔You often feel tired, you have little energy

🤔You have noticed that certain areas of your body are loose and prone to fat accumulation.

🤔You would like to feel more fulfilled in your body and have confidence in yourself.

🤔Despite regular physical activity, you do not observe any results or you have been stagnant for a long time.

🤔You feel that everything is difficult and that you will not succeed.

🤔You are currently not motivated to exercise.

🤔You would like to feel challenged and see yourself evolve.

🤔You don’t know what to eat anymore, what you read on the web is contradictory.

🤔You gain weight even though you practice physical activity and have implemented new eating habits.

🤔You think that “Before-After” transformations only work for others.

🤔When you look at others on social media, you wonder if it’s natural, if it’s really possible or if it’s the result of aesthetic surgery.

All these thoughts are common, it is normal and human to doubt. If doubt is beneficial because it allows us to think twice before acting, it becomes harmful when it prevents us from taking action. (#procrastination)

And if I told you that it is possible to change that. For this, you need a trigger. And I’m not talking about the sudden trigger that some people can have while trying on clothes in a dressing room.

No. I’m talking about another trigger, the one that everyone can have, especially thanks to:

🏋️Stimulating workouts, where you don’t get bored.

🥑A pleasure-based diet that meets your nutritional needs.

Which will cause:

↗️Progression and physical evolution.

💥Energy during workouts.

😄Optimal mindset, motivation, and desire.

🥰And self-confidence.

This trigger is your guide, Your guide is the Summer Shape Up

✅A fitness guide, 12 weeks of progressive workouts (3 sessions per week), following the fail-safe method of short and intensive circuits (fat loss + muscle definition).

✅Sessions that can be done at home, for a maximum of 1 hour.

✅A program that requires very little equipment (a mat for comfort, a chair, a jump rope, a pair of dumbbells or water bottles if you are a beginner).

✅A nutrition guide to understand food and learn how to eat according to your profile: flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan.

Menu ideas to become autonomous and create plates all year round easily and without getting tired of food.

✅A bonus recipe for our favorite snack: healthy banana bread.

✅A glossary of exercises with demonstrative videos made by professionals in the sports industry, to help you perform the exercises correctly.

✅A warm-up routine.

✅A “cool down” routine.

✅A monthly measurement chart to track your progress.

✅A schedule to help you organize yourself and not miss any sessions!

You only have one body, it has to accompany you until the end of your life, take care of it.

Today, you are only 12 weeks away from feeling good in your body, so what are you waiting for?

Special offer $24,99 $34

At this price, it’s a steal!

It’s time to start a program that fits you. It’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to believe in yourself.

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