4 advantages of sports coaching on mobile app

Mobile apps are essential, and there is always something to satisfy every need. Today, we’re going to talk about sports coaching mobile apps. Is it worth it? Why?

1.    A personal coach, anytime, anywhere

advantage of a sports coaching mobile app: the great flexibility it gives you.

Mobile apps are stored on your phone, which you have with yourself all the time, except maybe in the shower.

When you want to do a workout, using a sports coaching mobile app means you don’t have to depend on a gym schedule or a coach’s availability, or even on a location, including necessary travel time.

You can decide to train during lunch break, between two appointments, very early in the morning, or a bit late in the evening. No matter the place or the situation, a fitness app on your smartphone means being free to do sports whenever you want, wherever you want. 

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Individuals doing jobs during special hours or requiring multiple trips will all the more appreciate this mode of operation, which is more compatible with their distinct lifestyles.

A sports coaching mobile app thus helps one to be regular in their exercise (crucial point in fitness progress), even in the context of an unconventional everyday life.

Being able to train at one’s own leisure (in the gym, at home or anywhere) with a coach, directly on their phone and available 24/7 is a real luxury, which should not be underestimated. This is the first major advantage of a sports coaching mobile app: the great flexibility it gives you.

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2.    No social pressure with a mobile app

 advantage of a sports coaching mobile app: no social pressure

When you have just started your fitness journey, it can be difficult to take your first steps in a gym. Everyone seems to know what they are doing, how the machines work or how to properly position themselves to perform an exercise correctly.

Training at your own pace, guided by a coach via your fitness app, allows you to make progress without any social pressure. You also feel more confident, thanks to the advice and instructions provided for you to get off to a good start. And even if you make a mistake (and know that we all make one), no one will see you.

3.    Multitude and variety of fitness workouts

 advantage of a sports coaching mobile app: the variety of fitness workout
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If you train alone, in the gym or at home, you will see that routine and boredom can quickly set in and affect your motivation. Depending on the app chosen, you generally have access to numerous programs to break your workout habits, to make progress and to stay motivated.

In the Fitness Coach app, coaches regularly offer new programs in various formats. LIVE, Hit, challenges, reinforcement, stretching, weight loss, mass gain, etc. You’re bound to find your happiness there.

4. Value for money of fitness apps

 advantage of a sports coaching mobile app: the low price

Treating yourself to sports coaching in the gym or at home is a luxury not everyone can afford.  The sports coaching mobile app is a real opportunity.

This allows unlimited access to take care of yourself at a minimum price. Fitness Coach app costs about 15 dollars a month – calculate the savings you can make!

To sum up, it is clear that sports coaching apps have significant benefits:

  • Flexibility (it’s wherever and whenever you want)
  • Zero social pressure (no judgment from others, you progress at your own pace)
  • Variety of workouts (no boredom possible)
  • Affordable for everyone (at a minimum price)

 If you are still hesitating about downloading a fitness app, you now have 4 good reasons to do so! 

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