Summer Program By Fitness Coach

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What is Summer Program?

Summer Program offers 3 athletic activities: Pilates, Fitness and Cardio Boxing.

Each activity is led by a specialized coach, and provides high-quality training.

Fitness coaches
  • HIIT Pilates: Strengthen your deep muscles and improve your posture with Coach Sina.
  • Positive Fitness: Work hard and have fun with Coach Kelsey.
  • Cardio Boxing: Boost your cardio and improve your technique with Coach Jason.

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What does Summer Program include?

summer program

Summer Program gives you:

  • 54 sessions that are 20 minutes long and target the upper, lower or full body.
  • 6 LIVE trainings with your favorite coaches to make you sweat.
  • 6 Mini challenges for maxi results.

To get more information about the summer program read this article!

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