A 12-weeks workout program

Summer Shape-Up

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A 12-Weeks Workout Plan

What is Summer Shape-Up?

A program with no diets or restrictions. 🥨🥑

A program in which you’ll enjoy eating and training, while remaining as motivated as on day one…📈

If you’re looking to lose those extra pounds and firm up your body…🏋️

Or gain muscle mass and shape your buttocks…💪🍑

You’ll find what you’re looking for thanks to a guide to creating your own eating plan.🍽️

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced…🐣🐤

You’ll also find what you’re looking for thanks to the progressive intensity of the sessions.↗️


Who is Summer Shape-Up For?

For anyone wishing to:

✅Lose weight

✅Get more toned

✅Increase their metabolism

✅Increase strength and endurance

✅Feel better in body and mind

Contents of Summer Shape-up

Summer Shape-up is a guide, or rather your new companion for the next 12 weeks. The program takes three months. If you follow our guide to the letter, in three months, you’ll experience a magnificent transformation, both physically and mentally.
For our Summer Shape-Up, we’ve chosen split-intensity circuits, a training protocol that’s particularly effective for toning and has the benefit of boosting metabolism, building muscle and burning a maximum amount of fat.
In addition to workouts, advice on nutrition and well-being will be offered in order to optimize your results.
Summer Shape-Up’s sole intent is to help you achieve your fitness goals.
And remember: One day at a time…you’ve got this!

Training protocol

Each week is composed of Full Body Interval Training sessions + 1 free cardio session for a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 50 minutes.
Here’s how to plan:

Monday: Interval Training
Tuesday: Interval Training

Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Interval Training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Free Cardio
Sunday: Rest


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Interval Training
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Interval Training
Friday: Interval Training

Saturday: Free Cardio
Sunday: Rest

Of course, you can rearrange this schedule according to your needs.
Important: Do not eliminate the three days of rest. They’re just as important in your physical transformation.

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