Trimming down quickly: 3 tips

Losing the weight – is it really possible??

The answer is yes. But let’s be clear: you can’t go down three sizes overnight. But together we can help you feel better in your clothes – with these 3 tips!

Lose weight through good digestion

Lose weight through good digestion. Eat food that's easier for your body to digest. It's different for everyone.

Eat food that’s easier for your body to digest. It’s different for everyone. We hear a lot about gluten and dairy products causing digestive problems. But if you want my advice: unless you have an intolerance, there is no reason to remove these foods from your diet. On the contrary, banishing an ingredient from your diet puts you at risk of developing intolerances or dysbiosis.

My advice: rebalance your meals. Make sure you include the following in every meal:

  1. A source of fiber (seasonal vegetables) Quantity: 2 palmfuls
  2. A source of carbohydrates (a tuber, rice, pasta, semolina, millet, quinoa, etc.) Quantity: The size of your hand
  3. A protein source (eggs, meat, fish, tofu, tempeh, lentils, peas, etc.) Quantity: The size of your fist
  4. A fat source (avocado, cheese, seeds, extra-virgin oil, etc.) Quantity: The size of a finger
Rebalance your meals with vegetable for trimming down quickly

Make sure you eat enough, to avoid snacking. Snacking prevents your intestines from getting enough rest, which leads to bloating. Digesting is hard work!

Want to track your diet, or get balanced recipes? Download the Nutricoach app.

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Fiber helps you lose weight? Yes, but…

Vegetables are important. Raw or cooked?

It’s true, with their rich fiber content, they are great aids in digestion. Fiber mixes with the liquids in your intestines to form a sort of gel. This makes the digested food more viscous, and allows excess fluid to be absorbed by the intestine, firming up your stool.

But many people find crudités (raw vegetables) rough on the stomach. They can cause bloating and flatulence.

I recommend that you opt instead for cooked vegetables 80% of the time. The idea is not to eliminate raw vegetables, but to limit them to 20% of your vegetable diet.

So beware of too many “detox” juices made from raw vegetables.

Drinking water

To trimming down quickly drink water

The best hydration remains the unbeatable classic water. Each adult should have a min. 6 cups (1.5 L) per day.

More if you play sports, your job is physical, you live in a hot country, or your doctor has recommended it.

You can also drink herbal teas known to improve digestion – like fennel, verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, cardamom, or peppermint.

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Bowel movements

It's very important that you can regularly eliminate feces from your body if you want to trimming down quickly

Oh, so we’re just going to talk about that?

Yes. It’s very important that you can regularly eliminate feces from your body. Having a bowel movement somewhere between 3 times a day and 3 times a week is considered “normal.”

What you need to watch out for is how your stool looks. It is “normal” if:

  • The stool doesn’t float,
  • The color is brown,
  • It forms a solid block,
  • It isn’t too hard or too soft (don’t touch – decide with your eyes),
  • You don’t need to force it,
  • There isn’t too strong of an odor.

That’s a lot to take into account, I agree!

If you are constipated, try increasing your water and fiber intake. Unless your intake is already high. More than 35 grams of fiber per day is considered a lot for an adult – but be careful: that’s 35 grams of fiber, not vegetables! The Nutricoach app tracks your fiber intake, based on the amount of vegetables you eat. It’s easier than doing the calculations yourself!

If you have very soft or even liquid stools, it may be too much fiber, too much water, an unbalanced diet, or foods that your stomach cannot tolerate. If this continues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your doctor.

If your stool is consistently giving off a very foul odor, I recommend that you consult with a doctor to make sure intestinal dysbiosis hasn’t set in.

If you’re having trouble making a bowel movement, try this trick: when you wake up, drink a glass of lukewarm water. After a night of fasting, your vital organs need to rehydrate to function better. Room-temperature water helps everything stick together better at body temperature.

Trimming down quickly with the “Stomach Vacuum”

Trimming down quickly with stomach vacuum

The importance of good breathing is often underestimated, but it can have enormous benefits for the body – especially to fight stress-induced bloating.

The stomach vacuum is a “hypopressive” abs exercise. It reduces pressure on the viscera, abdominals, and perineum.

In other words, it’s a healthy movement that offers not only internal benefits, but also improves the appearance of your belly. Over time, the inches will slip away.

I’ll explain how to do the Stomach Vacuum in the next article!

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  1. Nancy Draper

    Im 58. I weigh around 175lbs. I want to reach a goal of 145lbs- 135lbs. I’ve lost weight and have been at this weight before. But for some reason I’m struggling now to lose weight. I try to motivate myself. I feel ashamed and as of if I’ve failed. Please I need advice and help.

    1. Soleia M Kee

      Thank you for the info very encouraging.

  2. Sheri Gorin

    Thanks for a lot of good information! 😊

  3. Amy

    I am 15 and 5’6 and I weigh 72 kgs I want to reach my goal of 60 kgs i am sick and tired of being the fat person in the group please help me

    1. Emily

      Hello Amy,
      I am sad to feel your confusion, but unfortunately I can’t give you any specific advice because I don’t know you well enough. I invite you to read the section of the blog on weight loss.
      If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, I invite you to consult a health professional to help you safely.
      Take care

  4. Anne

    I am 200 pounds. I’m 58 and I am ashamed being so obese. I lose it then gain it black again. Over and over.

    1. Emily

      Hello Anne. I’m sad to read that you’re ashamed of yourself. Your weight doesn’t define you. Regaining weight after losing it is usually due to the yo-yo effect of too much restriction. I invite you to keep your diet adapted to your nutritional needs, not restrictive. I don’t know what your habits are (activities, pathologies, work…) but a good general piece of advice is to integrate physical activity into your life (walking, running, fitness, swimming, dancing, whatever, you can choose one or several depending on what you like). Let me know how it goes, I’ll send you courage, patience and perseverance, you can do it! Don’t hesitate to consult the blog, the weight loss section will help you understand the mechanics of the human body. If nothing works, you can also consult a health professional to help you on your weight loss journey.

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