What equipment do I need for running?

How should I gear up for running?  What equipment for running are absolute must-haves? Can I take up running without having to buy any gear?

Running, a sport for all budgets!

We all have a pair of running shoes and a comfortable T-shirt in our closets.

Good news! That’s all you need to start running! You can basically start running at zero cost.

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Also, before investing hundreds of dollars, you should make sure that you actually enjoy this sport and want to stick with it. If you do get into it more seriously and start to run regularly, then I would advise reading this article which features a list of recommended running gear.

Tip: only invest in the bare minimum to start as your needs will change as you progress!

A good pair of shoes is essential.

That’s rule number 1. Although I won’t go into great detail on the subject, it’s important to know that the repetitive motion of pounding the pavement can do a number on your joints.

Make sure you choose your running shoes carefully.

There’s no need to go out and buy the most expensive shoes on the market, as they may not be the right ones for you. In fact, there are many high-quality inexpensive shoes out there. If you’re on a very tight budget, consider buying a discontinued running shoe or take advantage of seasonal sales.

I would also recommend consulting a podiatrist before your purchase.  He or she will provide valuable advice regarding your feet and posture.

A good pair of shoes is essential. Make sure you choose your running shoes carefully.

Choose your running clothes according to the weather conditions.

Your choice of workout clothes will depend on your environment and whether you are running in hot or cold weather. 

·       Running in hot weather

Opt for a T-shirt or loose-fitting tank top in technical fabrics that blend various materials like polyester, elastane, or polyamide. For the bottom half of your running attire, you can wear shorts or leggings of your choice. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun (sport sunscreen, hat, sunglasses…)

·       Running in cold weather

Wear a breathable top (like you would in hot weather) as a base layer. This will allow your body to release perspiration while wicking away moisture from your skin. To stay warm, add a long-sleeve top. If it’s raining, wear a light waterproof jacket to keep you dry. You can also wear running tights, a hat or balaclava, and gloves.

runnning in cold weather

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good sports bra.

Girls, you will need a sports bra for running. In fact, a good bra is as important as a good pair of running shoes. Every time your foot hits the ground, the shock induced by the impact can have negative effects on the breast tissues. To avoid pain and keep the skin on your breasts from stretching, wearing a sports bra is highly recommended. However, you are free to do as you please.
 Your body, your choice.

To avoid pain and keep the skin on your breasts from stretching, wearing a sports bra is highly recommended

Running apps and watches

When you practice the sport regularly, a running watch or a smartphone with a running app  can be a real game-changer.

In order to be effective, a cardio watch should be lightweight and not move on the wrist during running. It should also be able to withstand sweat.

I prefer using a smartphone because it’s a multipurpose device: you can listen to music, track your itinerary with GPS, and monitor your training via an app (Running Coach). All you have to do is invest in armband pouch to attach your phone to your forearm.

The little extra: wireless headphones or earbuds

For music-motivated runners, consider purchasing Bluetooth earbuds or headphones! Choose a quality model that is waterproof and will stay powered even in the rain. Some earbuds or headphones are specifically designed for sports.

For your safety, if you’re running in the city, don’t turn on the “noise-cancelling” mode. Even if music motivates you when running, it’s critically important to be aware of what’s going on around you. Also, although it’s tempting to pump up the volume to the max, I would not recommend destroying your eardrums, which are extremely sensitive to loud noises.   

Now you’re ready to go! I hope you enjoyed this article. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments, experiences or running tips.

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