Which sport should you choose for fitness?

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“This year I’ve decided to take up fitness. Ah, January and its wonderful resolutions… We love it!

But what do you mean by “fitness”? Do you have a more specific idea? No? In this article, I’ll help you choose from the main categories of fitness.

Which sport should you choose for fitness?

Weight training, strength training, gymnastics, CrossFit, cardio, yoga, gentle exercise, dancing, boxing… There are so many possibilities! Depending on your goal, you can get an idea of which discipline suits you.

  • Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a sedentary middle-aged person, or you need to get back in slowly, gentle exercise is your best bet. It’s perfect if you have fragile joints, for example. For seniors, it’s a great way to maintain consistent physical activity.
Which sport should you choose for fitness after 50

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  • If you’re looking to tone and sculpt your body, strength training or gym training allows you to work primarily with body weight by engaging deep muscles. If you’re looking for workouts to do at home with no equipment, I think the FITNESS COACH app might work for you. Be sure you filter for “no equipment” workouts.
Which sport should you choose for fitness at home?
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  • If you’re looking to gain muscle mass, you can build your muscles through weight training. Strength training is based on pushing, pulling and lifting loads (bars, dumbbells, weights, etc.) to force the muscles to grow.
Which sport should you choose for build muscles?
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  • If you’re looking to gain strength and improve your performance, Cross Training or Cross Fit are particularly well-rounded disciplines, since they work on strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and explosiveness.

  • If you’re looking to blow off steam or burn a lot of calories, you can choose cardio fitness. This allows you to strengthen your heart muscle, increase your endurance and burn calories. The FITNESS COACH application contains a huge number of cardio fitness workouts that you can do at home and with or without equipment (HIIT, TABATAS, Full Body, etc.).  You can also take up boxing, and specifically cardio boxing (workouts also available in Fitness Coach App).
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  • If you’re looking to let go and gain confidence, dance might be just the thing for you. Alone or in group, it’s a fitness activity that’s also an artistic discipline. It’s also good for improving coordination, memorization and interpretation. All you need to do is figure out which type of dance suits you best.

  • If you’re looking to improve your flexibility and mobility, why not turn to yoga? There are several types of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, etc.). It’s up to you to decide which one suits you best. Beyond the physical aspects, yoga is specifically recommended for when you want to quiet your mind or lower your stress levels.
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