Exercising in hot weather: 4 tips for safe workouts

This summer, athletes are worried about hot weather and are rightly asking themselves: Is it safe to work out in hot weather? The answer is yes, but not under just any conditions!

Here are 4 tips for working out in the summer, without risking your health.

Exercising in hot weather, Tip #1: hydration

We need to maintain our bodies at a constant temperature in order to function properly (around 98.6°F). However, when it’s hot and we engage in physical activity, the body needs to regulate its temperature.

When you sweat, it helps you to cool down. If you don’t sweat, you risk hyperthermia: heat stroke and fainting. 

To help your body adapt to the heat and to compensate for the loss of minerals caused by sweating, it is essential to stay sufficiently hydrated.

In hot weather, you should drink water before, during and after exercise.

Tip: splash your face and neck to create a cool sensation and bring your temperature down. 

During your session, I invite you to drink water every five minutes or so, without waiting to feel thirsty and to take small sips (so as not to upset your stomach).

You can also opt for a special sports drink to compensate for the loss of salts and sugars. I invite you to read this article to learn more: What should you drink while exercising?

Exercising in hot weather, Tip #2: choose the right place and the right time

Exercising in hot weather, choose the right place and the right time

Obviously, it’s best to work out during the coolest hours of the day. Early in the morning or later in the evening. So, avoid jogging in the sun at 2 p.m. It’s not a good idea!

It is generally recommended not to exercise in temperatures higher than 82°F.

If you can’t change your workout times, work out in an air-conditioned room.

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Exercising in hot weather, Tip #3: wear lightweight clothing

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Some people think that to lose weight, you have to sweat a lot. What a mistake! And as if the heat wasn’t enough, they put on more layers of clothing to sweat more.

Yet sweating is not a sign of weight loss! Furthermore, covering up too much can block the evaporation of sweat, thereby increasing the risk of hyperthermia.  

Try wearing technical clothing in a lightweight, breathable material to properly wick away sweat.

Tip: choose light colors, as black attracts heat.

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Exercising in hot weather, Tip #4: choose the right kind of workout

Exercising in hot weather, choose the right kind of workout
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HIIT and Tabata workouts are great for getting your heart rate up quickly. But high temperatures make exercise much more difficult.

During hot weather, I recommend cooling things down and trying lighter workouts; strengthening or stretching workouts are more appropriate. The best thing is to listen to AND respect how you feel!

What I love about the Fitness Coach app is that there’s always a workout tailored to what I want or need. 

Tip: if there’s a beach near by, why not exercise by the sea? But don’t forget your sun protection!

So, what kind of workouts are you doing this summer?

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